Hub’s Hints: Favorite Wine ~ Italian Dessert Style, Part 2 Reply


Ok, I lied!  I confirmed in my previous post that I would present my next contribution on Friday.  But, I could not rest until I finished with my original idea (sharing information regarding two dessert wines from Italy).  As you may recall, the length of my previous post dictated that I not include my second Italian dessert wine recommendation.  So, I shamelessly insisted that Anna process this next contribution early.  I just wanted to put this to bed in order that I move on to other, hopefully, interesting and informative posts.  So, we are back to Piedmont and a dessert wine named, Brachetto d’Acqui.


Brachetto is a dark-skinned Italian grape variety that is actively propagated in Piedmont and is responsible for slightly sweet and frothy wines. In the past, Brachetto has been made as a dry table wine but, this practice has largely been abandoned.  This grape variety ideally lends itself more productively and effectively to a soft, semi-sweet, frizzante or spumante style wine, light in body, with low in alcohol content and a pronounced aromatic complexity.  Normally the wine consumed in its youth, slightly chilled and can be enjoyed after dinner of as an aperitif.  Those of you that have an affinity for Lambrusco will absolutely love Brachetto!

The First Blossoms of Brachetto

Maturing Brachetto Fruit

Mature Brachetto Fruit

Brachetto is often associated with love and romance.  The wine is actively marketed during Valentines Day and routinely is exploited for lover’s celebrations.  A particularly intriguing story suggests that Brachetto was presented to Cleopatra by Marc Anthony and Julius Caesar in attempts to win her favor.  According to the fable, this delectable and delicious wine unleashed Cleopatra’s insatiable desire and contributed to her infamous and unbridled passion.  Be thee appraised and sufficiently warned!

One particular Brachetto that enjoys a considerable following and great reputation comes from a very well-respected producer “Brada” Giacomo Bologna.  “Brada” is a nickname for Giuseppe Bologna the founder of the winery.  Giuseppe acquired this nickname while playing “pallapugno” (a traditional Italian ball game).  Giacomo (second generation) inherited his father’s Barbara vineyard and his coveted nickname.  Giacomo’s love for the land and his father’s wine has been transmitted to his wife and children (the successors of the estate and current managing group of the winery).  Anna, Giacomo’s wife along with his children Raffaella and Beppe (and their husbands, wives and children – this is a real family affair) have courageously supported the family tradition of innovation and quality.  Today, the Giacomo Bologna wines exceed expectation and remain richly rewarding based on the synergies and enthusiasm of the entire Bologna family. 

It is my great pleasure and honor to present:


It is my opinion that this Brachetto is one of the best offerings available out of Italy today.  It is elegant, fragrant and delicious.  Special care is employed during the short 36 to 48 hour temperature controlled maceration.  This preliminary step is followed by a second careful and gentle fermentation in sealed stainless steel tanks to capture the enchanting flavor profile and the delightful effervescent quality.  This is a special “meticulously crafted” wine that is sure to please.

DESCRIPTION ~ Pale ruby color with an illuminating purple hue on the rim, a lively appealing effervescence, expressive, complex and aromatic aroma and bouquet, reminiscent of rose petals, orange blossoms and wild strawberries. 

TASTE ~ Delicate, sweet, frothy, expressive cherry, black raspberries and strawberry fruit with a hint of orange citrus and candied fruit.

ACCOMPANIMENTS ~ The winery suggests that this Brachetto goes well with fresh strawberries, dried fruits, hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios and figs – dry pastries, jam tarts and oven baked desserts and is exceedingly harmonious with chocolate!  Enjoy this wine following meals or any time of the day as an effervescent and delicious aperitif.   

The average retail range is $18 to $22 per bottle – 750 ml size.

 Thanks to Anna for the opportunity to infringe on her daily posts.  More coming Friday! Hubs

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