Diligent Dyson 1

After spending several years crewing on private motor yachts, I have become somewhat of a clean freak. I don’t find this to be a negative attribute, quite the contrary, I love being neat and clean. This is where the Airstream comes into play. I want to keep it squeaky clean just like my house. I’ve been researching for several weeks which is the best cordless vacuum cleaner. After reading many reviews on private Airstream blogs and more reviews on the Airforums, I have decidedly decided that the Dyson DC35 Multi-floor will be my model of choice. At only 10 lbs., this little powerhouse will sweep through the Airstream in no time. Known as the most powerful cordless vacuum, it is ideal for quick cleaning floors, stairs and even upholstery. And it packs up neat and tidy into a storage bin under the couch of an Airstream! Voila! Because who wants to be spending lots of time cleaning when you can be enjoying the great outdoors? Happy cleaning means Happy Glamping!

Austin-Centric Airstream Reply

Austin, Texas is known for being “Weird” and for a very hip music scene. Austin is known as “The Live Music Capital Of The World”. Recently, The Austin Convention & Visitors Bureau found a 35-year-old, 30′ Airstream run down and dilapidated on the side of the road. They jazzed it up with a restoration from musicians Dan Dyer and Jesse Ebaugh and Design Build Adventure. The Airstream is now hitting the roads of Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston and other towns in Texas and across the nation. With the look and feel of a nightclub or a band’s tour bus, this weird and cool Airstream is sure to promote all that Austin, Texas has to offer.

“The Airstream trailer highlights the authenticity and uniqueness of Austin,” said Steve Genovesi, the Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau’s senior vice president of sales.

So, if you see this blue painted Airstream with the bold red State of Texas and the words “Austin, Texas” on the side ~ stop on in for a cool drink, listen to some tunes and just have a big ‘ol Texas size good time!

Hub’s Hints: Introduction 9

Greetings to the camping world and all of you outdoors enthusiasts or, as Anna subscribes to; the “Glamorous Camping” aficionados.  Please allow me to formally introduce myself.  I am “Hubs”, Anna’s husband.  Actually, I am not particularly fond of this nickname and unfortunately now, I will be saddled with this tag line for the extent of my adult life!  For those who are interested, my name is Paul. 

Following my wife’s suggestion, I have agreed to post a weekly feature on Anna’s Blog.  My posts, entitled “HUB’S HINTS”, will be respectfully presented for your appreciation and edification and will cover a myriad of subjects.  The information will be offered for your enjoyment and is sincerely intended to complement your camping, out-of-doors dining experience and your ultimate satisfaction.  The post will include wine suggestions, cocktail and beverage recommendations and an occasional coveted personal recipe. 

For your information, I am an art major, a sculptor and painter but, as is the case with many a starving artist, early in life I was forced to get a real job!  I followed in my father’s footsteps and spent the last 30 plus years in the wine business, first in wholesale and later as a supplier representative and then as an importer.  Wines have been my passion, joy and my vocation.  I spent my entire career in the pursuit of an expanded knowledge, traveling the globe and studying.  I have been involved with courses of study at the Institut International Des Vins et Spirtueux, Bordeaux France and German Wine Academy with a continuation of my education through the Court of Master Sommeliers and with the Society of Wine Educators.  One would have to be brain-dead not to have accumulated some knowledge and a basic understanding from this type of activity and exposure!  However and keeping everything in perspective; one important and undeniable fact I have learned is that, “the more one knows, the more one knows that they don’t know”.  My respectful and humble recommendations or, “HUB’S HINTS” will be presented based on my experiences and personal preferences.  I don’t pretend to have all of the answers and this subject is very subjective.  What may appeal to one person does not necessarily appeal to another.  Also, I would be pleased to try to answer to the best of my ability, predicated on my knowledge and experience, any questions that you might have.  Just post your questions and or comments on the blog.

Additionally, my posts will not be limited to wines and beverages alone.  I intend on sharing a number of my favorite recipes.  As a single parent, I learned to cook out of necessity, quickly growing tired of macaroni & cheese and meat & potatoes.   I thoroughly enjoy following an interesting recipe or creatively altering the approach and components to appeal to my personal preferences.  My specialty is Italian, following my heritage.  But, being a confirmed and hopeless “Foodie”, I will be pleased to pass along other interesting and tantalizing dishes for your potential enjoyment.

So, take a peek each Friday for “HUB’S HINTS” for recommendations that hopefully will complement your dining and camping experience.  My suggestions are sincerely intended for your satisfaction and enjoyment. . .

Joseph Joseph Reply

I am in complete love with these products. A big shout out goes to Weaselmouth for introducing me to, Joseph Joseph.  Founded in 2003 by twin brothers, Richard and Antony Joseph, Joseph Joseph is internationally recognized for their multi-award-winning designs. Each item is so well thought out it, functional, technically innovative and really pleasing to the eye! This ultimate collection of kitchenware not only saves space, making it sheer perfection for any Airstream, but comes in the most beautiful, bright colors to add sunshine to any kitchen space! I will outfit my Airstream kitchen with Joseph Joseph products ~ imagine the space I will save and the fun I will have cooking with each colorful and fun product. Yippee. I can’t wait!!!