Guest Post ~ Ayesha & Zach Introduce MAKE 2

I am thrilled to introduce you all to my second “Guest Post” ~ Ayesha and Zach Reynolds. I admire this couple for being inspired to “Pay It Forward” and to give back to their community. Ayesha contacted me recently to share their dream of a mobile art studio called MAKE where less fortunate folks can use their hands to make art! And the studio is in a vintage Airstream~how divine!! I love it and wanted to share their experiences and vision with you. Enjoy and please vote for this darling couple so their dream can become a reality!

“Ever since I can remember I have been mesmerized by Airstreams. In the car with my parents as a teenager I would see the big silver bullet approaching and I would watch it get iddy bitty in the distance not blinking but always knowing someday I would own one. My someday came about 2 years ago when I go the word about a 1975 Airstream Sovereign needing some work on the outskirts of Nashville, Tennessee. I went and looked at her and about two weeks later she was being towed back to our home right outside of Chattanooga, TN.We always had creative plans for her since both me and my husband are artists at least half of the time. A craft studio, or office for my small event business, we even tossed around a mobile farm stand. But than our idea came. My husband had just gotten a spark of genius about taking his love of making recycled pallet furniture into the inner cities and teaching about self-confidence through building. I had worked for a non-profit in Boston doing art therapy and I knew first hand what making something with your hands could do regardless of what you were making. Our ideas merged and we came up with The Make mobile. We would take our 31 foot Airstream and totally re-do it to become a mobile Make studio. We would travel around the Southeast and eventually the globe allowing people to make art for free. We started looking at the costs, and time associated and decided that if the right fundraising opportunity arose we would jump back on it. Well all that happened just a few days ago and our idea arose from the ashes. We enter a contest called the Power to Change. We affectionately call our idea the vehicle of change so we thought this was perfect. In order for us to even be in the semi-finals we will need lots of votes. We are spreading the word anyway we can, and we truly appreciate those who have shown us love and volunteered to spread the word. We have been surprised by how many strangers, and Airstream enthusiasts have taken our cause under their wings. From now until June 4th you can vote once a day for our project here.

If you want to get in touch with us or help in any other way, e-mail us here:

 Some fun facts

Ayesha has permanent wanderlust, enjoys vintage things, being positive, and always trying new things.

Zach never meets a stranger, has a knack for working with his hands, and he can never say no to a burrito.

You can find us around the web at these places:

Ayesha’s Website: Homespun Parties

Pinterest (be sure to check out my Airstream board)

Zach’s Etsy Shop

Zach’s Website: Wood Plus Clay



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