Old Mac Daddy 3

Just one hour outside of Cape Town, South Africa is one of the most luxurious and swanky Airstream hotels that I have ever discovered. Nestled among a fruit farm is Old Mac Daddy Luxury Trailer Park.  The resort consists of 10 vintage Airstreams, 2 lake-side units and one large designer family house each designed with its own theme and charm. You have to check out the video to get an upclose feel for this amazing property. If I’m ever lucky enough to visit South Africa, a visit to Old Mac Daddy is on my bucket list!

“Part wholesome caravan park, part designer farm lodge, Old Mac Daddy Trailer Hotel is a new chapter in adventure, escapism and pure relaxation. Set on the pine-whispering slopes of a beautiful corner of the Elgin Valley, Old Mac Daddy is a collection of vintage Airstream Trailer Suites, each designed by an artist, designer or creative living and working in Cape Town. Fully catered and serviced; Old Mac Daddy offers trailer units with themed bedrooms and earth-friendly living spaces. A big designer barn is the communal area where all meals are served. Visit the Grolsch bar or take a dip in the swimming pool, explore the area or just relax.”

Photo Source: Old Mac Daddy


  1. I agree, that is SOOOOOO cool!! I love the interior with the outdoor wallpaper. Nice!! I love seeing different Airstreams like this — gives me good ideas for the future if we ever decide to redo our Airstream. Thank you lady!

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