Dierks Bentley, His Airstream and The Junk Gypsies Reply

One of my television obsessions is HGTV. Hubs is subjected to viewing on a nightly basis and wonders how many House Hunters International can one couple watch? Well, I watch a slew of the HGTV programs~guess I like to peek into homes across the country and internationally and see how peeps decorate and live.  This past Saturday night, the Junk Gypsy sisters~Amie and Jolie Sikes, who host the series, remodeled a vintage Airstream for Country singer Dierks Bentley. The girls ripped out the old interior and replaced it with antiques and “junk” including an old church pew, cut in half to make the dinette seating, covered the top of the dinette table with vintage posters, used an old motorcycle gas tank (cut in half) as a sconce and hung a banjo on the ceiling as a light fixture plus so much more.  

After delivery of Dierks Airstream, the Gypsy sisters were thrilled when they saw sitting in his ‘Stream were music legends Reba McEntire, Kelly Clarkson, Lady Antebellum and Kelly Pickler. “The ‘gypsy-fide’ americana troubadour Airstream”, can be seen on HGTV on Junk Gypsies. You go Gypsy Girls!!!

Photo Source: Junk Gypsy

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