Diligent Dyson 1

After spending several years crewing on private motor yachts, I have become somewhat of a clean freak. I don’t find this to be a negative attribute, quite the contrary, I love being neat and clean. This is where the Airstream comes into play. I want to keep it squeaky clean just like my house. I’ve been researching for several weeks which is the best cordless vacuum cleaner. After reading many reviews on private Airstream blogs and more reviews on the Airforums, I have decidedly decided that the Dyson DC35 Multi-floor will be my model of choice. At only 10 lbs., this little powerhouse will sweep through the Airstream in no time. Known as the most powerful cordless vacuum, it is ideal for quick cleaning floors, stairs and even upholstery. And it packs up neat and tidy into a storage bin under the couch of an Airstream! Voila! Because who wants to be spending lots of time cleaning when you can be enjoying the great outdoors? Happy cleaning means Happy Glamping!

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