Austin-Centric Airstream Reply

Austin, Texas is known for being “Weird” and for a very hip music scene. Austin is known as “The Live Music Capital Of The World”. Recently, The Austin Convention & Visitors Bureau found a 35-year-old, 30′ Airstream run down and dilapidated on the side of the road. They jazzed it up with a restoration from musicians Dan Dyer and Jesse Ebaugh and Design Build Adventure. The Airstream is now hitting the roads of Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston and other towns in Texas and across the nation. With the look and feel of a nightclub or a band’s tour bus, this weird and cool Airstream is sure to promote all that Austin, Texas has to offer.

“The Airstream trailer highlights the authenticity and uniqueness of Austin,” said Steve Genovesi, the Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau’s senior vice president of sales.

So, if you see this blue painted Airstream with the bold red State of Texas and the words “Austin, Texas” on the side ~ stop on in for a cool drink, listen to some tunes and just have a big ‘ol Texas size good time!

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