Hub’s Hints: Introduction 9

Greetings to the camping world and all of you outdoors enthusiasts or, as Anna subscribes to; the “Glamorous Camping” aficionados.  Please allow me to formally introduce myself.  I am “Hubs”, Anna’s husband.  Actually, I am not particularly fond of this nickname and unfortunately now, I will be saddled with this tag line for the extent of my adult life!  For those who are interested, my name is Paul. 

Following my wife’s suggestion, I have agreed to post a weekly feature on Anna’s Blog.  My posts, entitled “HUB’S HINTS”, will be respectfully presented for your appreciation and edification and will cover a myriad of subjects.  The information will be offered for your enjoyment and is sincerely intended to complement your camping, out-of-doors dining experience and your ultimate satisfaction.  The post will include wine suggestions, cocktail and beverage recommendations and an occasional coveted personal recipe. 

For your information, I am an art major, a sculptor and painter but, as is the case with many a starving artist, early in life I was forced to get a real job!  I followed in my father’s footsteps and spent the last 30 plus years in the wine business, first in wholesale and later as a supplier representative and then as an importer.  Wines have been my passion, joy and my vocation.  I spent my entire career in the pursuit of an expanded knowledge, traveling the globe and studying.  I have been involved with courses of study at the Institut International Des Vins et Spirtueux, Bordeaux France and German Wine Academy with a continuation of my education through the Court of Master Sommeliers and with the Society of Wine Educators.  One would have to be brain-dead not to have accumulated some knowledge and a basic understanding from this type of activity and exposure!  However and keeping everything in perspective; one important and undeniable fact I have learned is that, “the more one knows, the more one knows that they don’t know”.  My respectful and humble recommendations or, “HUB’S HINTS” will be presented based on my experiences and personal preferences.  I don’t pretend to have all of the answers and this subject is very subjective.  What may appeal to one person does not necessarily appeal to another.  Also, I would be pleased to try to answer to the best of my ability, predicated on my knowledge and experience, any questions that you might have.  Just post your questions and or comments on the blog.

Additionally, my posts will not be limited to wines and beverages alone.  I intend on sharing a number of my favorite recipes.  As a single parent, I learned to cook out of necessity, quickly growing tired of macaroni & cheese and meat & potatoes.   I thoroughly enjoy following an interesting recipe or creatively altering the approach and components to appeal to my personal preferences.  My specialty is Italian, following my heritage.  But, being a confirmed and hopeless “Foodie”, I will be pleased to pass along other interesting and tantalizing dishes for your potential enjoyment.

So, take a peek each Friday for “HUB’S HINTS” for recommendations that hopefully will complement your dining and camping experience.  My suggestions are sincerely intended for your satisfaction and enjoyment. . .


  1. As a true admirer and appreciator of aforementioned ‘Hubs’, and Paul, know that I, too am having a difficult time labeling you and potentially limiting you to such pedestrian terminology, I would like to formally applaud this first entry into the highly acclaimed ‘Glamper’ blog. I see a book coming out of this. No pressure…just sayin’! Welcome to the world of blogging. I love your first entry and look forward to your next! On a side note, and this is a complete self plug, I this week took first prize in our work ‘fudge contest’. Perhaps you could find the right wine that would provide a perfect pairing to “Blueberry cheesecake fudge”…? Rock on, hubs…you have a bright future!!!
    I am…filled with wanderlust in a (today) rainy and dismal Maine ‘burb,

    • Tory,

      Thank you for your kind and considerate comments. As an accomplished journalist, you definitely have a way with words. I am most envious with command of the text and your ability to communicate in written form. You have “ascended to the pinnacle of vernacular expression” (borrowing a phrase from my father). Anyway, this is all a bit bewildering. As you might expect, I have never before been involved with this type of activity. I always agreed with the old adage; “it is better to remain silent than to open your mouth and confirm your ignorance”. I trust that this blogging will be fun and entertaining moving forward.

      Congratulations on your award winning “Blueberry Cheesecake Fudge”, it sounds delicious. We must share a sample some time soon while relaxing at the lake house!

      Regarding a wine complement; I need to know more about the taste and consistency of this creation. Is it dense like fudge or, is this more like a traditional cheesecake with blueberries and Chocolate Fudge. I am assuming when you say Fudge, you mean chocolate and not butterscotch. Anyway, do tell me more about your creation and I can most certainly offer some recommended wines.


  2. You have always been a creative person – an artist — and an excellent writer to boot. Kudos to your first blog post on Glamper and I look forward to reading more of Hub’s Hints (a very clever title) in the future. You are opening a new door into a world with infinite possibilities. Onward, fellow sojourner! Lora

    • Lora,

      Thank you for your considerate comments. You are too kind regarding my writing skills. I have always felt some difficulty with written communication and your encouragement is much appreciated.

      My writing pales in comparison however, to your talent; your beautiful, pristine, velvety and accomplished voice. It has been my extreme pleasure in the past, to have been provided with the fantastic opportunity to experience you vocals. The Good Lord has graced you with an incredible gift and you have done justice to this gift with your hard work, dedication and enthusiasm.

      Your voice brings joy and solitude to many.


      • Dear Hubs, Wow! That is some compliment. Thank you very much. I believe music is a gift of the composer that is channeled through performers. This makes music transcend time and as such has an element of the divine spark. Love that spark. Keep crackling, Rosie! Love to Hubs and Anna B. D. Lo

  3. Way to go Hubs!!! We’re going to have so much fun! Welcome to the world of blogging and thank you to all of my followers!!!

    • Anna,

      This is all a bit foreign to me and it is a bit early to tell but, I am already excited and motivated to share my thoughts and opinions (for what they are worth) with the public. I am confident that in time, I will be happy you got me involved.

      You always know best!

      Your Hubs

    • Frank,
      Thank you for your comment.

      It is our dream to travel extensively and through this blog, to share our experiences with other adventurous types.

      Also and at the encouragement of my wife, I have agreed to pass along some of what I have learned over the years. I certainly do not consider myself an expert. This is a vast and complicated subject and even the most highly educated professionals (Master Sommeliers, Masters of Wine, and Certified Wine Educators) don’t profess to know everything. It is an impossible task. But, I have, reluctantly at first, agreed to host a weekly post to share some of my knowledge and expertise on the subject.

      My hope is that my posts will be of value, informative, educational and enjoyable.


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