Fredericksburg Herb Farm 1

I couldn’t imagine a more peaceful and lovely spot to spend Easter Sunday. I have visited Fredericksburg, Texas many times but, wanted an extra special restaurant for Easter brunch. I called the Fredericksburg Chamber of Commerce and they highly recommended the Fredericksburg Herb Farm. What an incredibly special compound only four blocks off Main Street. Upon entering the Herb Farm you will be immersed with luscious gardens abound. You can stroll through herb gardens, flower gardens, browse the Poet’s Haus Gift Shop, relax in the Nature’s Spa, dine in the Farm Haus Bistro and even stay in one of the fourteen Sunday Haus Cottage’s. Sunday house cottages are unique to Fredericksburg.  German settlers would build these small “City Houses” to use on weekends when they came to town to buy provisions for the week and to also attend Sunday Church services. 

Now you can see the Herb Farm close up and personal with this new 360 degree adventure of the property, watch here!

Our lunch was spectacular and the weather was spring perfection. We sat in the “glass room” next to a huge picture window overlooking the front garden. Our Easter lunch was superb and the atmosphere was tranquil. I highly recommend a visit and a stay at the Fredericksburg Herb Farm.

Photos: Anna Sullivan Photography

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