World’s Best Stainless Steel Cleaner 6

Sundays are always my day to spruce up the house. I guess you could call me a clean freak. Well, after years crewing on private yachts, you kind of have to be. I know that everyone lusts after stainless steel kitchen appliances. So do I. When they are clean, they shine like a star in the galaxy. At first, cleaning my stainless steel appliances was almost a test of torture. Especially the stainless steel hood~Oiy! The streaking, the spots~simply a nightmare. That was until I discovered what I personally feel is the worlds best stainless steel cleaner. I know it’s crazy to say this but, it’s Pledge! That’s right, Pledge. Now I fly through my kitchen with a clean rag and my handy spray bottle of Lemon Pledge and the job is done in minutes. No streaks, no finger prints, no spots. Voila!!

Our kitchen


  1. Our 1972 veneer panels love Pledge too. This is the way to go. But Nuvite for the exterior shell my dear, that s a lot of love ! ( you should polish your fridge ! Lol )

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