A Nifty Place For Plastic Wrap and Aluminum Foil 1

After years of learning organizing principles from Martha Stewart television programs and magazine articles, I’m always searching for creative and affordable ideas to organize spaces in my home. My search lately has me thinking of how I will organize my Airstream kitchen. While at IKEA several weeks ago, I saw a stainless steel handy holder for plastic wrap or aluminum foil.  It was a great idea but, only holds one roll. Now, we all know our kitchen drawers are filled with several rolls of plastic wrap, wax paper and aluminum foil. So, I found this solution and I love this item. Not only will it hold two rolls of your favorite wrap for kitchen needs but, also holds a roll of paper towels. Genius. Plus, it’s stainless steel, costs around $69 and they offer free shipping.  This site has so many other fun and creative stainless steel products. Enjoy!

Blomus Stainless Steel Polished Kitchen Multi-Storage

One comment

  1. I love it — what a great idea 🙂 I have that drawer on the Airstream just full of plastic wraps, etc….I love this! I also love Ikea too, so many great finds there for the Airstream 🙂

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