My Dream Trailer 5

Just sitting here thinking about how this blog came to be. How did I become so infatuated with Airstreams? I think it started years ago with my love and yearning for travel. Years on the open sea aboard a motor yacht was one way to travel but, now I want to see this great country and all it has to offer in a land yacht (Canada too!!). So, after the RV show in January it all became very clear to me. I appreciate quality, great design and functionality and there is no travel trailer out there that compares to an Airsream. Founded in 1931, Airstreams are handmade in Jackson Center, Ohio. 65% of all Airstreams ever made are still on the road. That is my kind of trailer!

Wanted to share my dream trailer with you~ Airstream 30′ International Serenity. Ahhhh. Love this trailer!! Keeping the dream alive!

The photo of the bedroom is actually the 27′ Serenity but, we want to modify the 30′ with the wrap windows like the 27′. Sweet!!


  1. You are right, this ” new ” model is grreaat ! This 30 footer maybe the successor of Sure-Lay our 1972 Landyacht international. We were about to order a customized 34 Classic based on that layout ( inexisting in 2010 ) to Timeless TT but we found Sure-Lay. We saved more than 100k $ ( When this 30 ft went out we held our breath a little bit cause Sure-Lay was all stripped out ! ). Tell me Deborah, do you have yours ?

    • I’ve been invited to tour Timeless TT next week and The Travel Channel will be there shooting a new program for them. I’m really looking forward to it and will do a post on the visit. Would love to see pics of your AS!

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