Mehrzeller Caravan 3

My heart is and always will be with Airstream but, I do like to share pretty interesting design with you. I had to take a second and third look at this Glamper because it is so different than any travel trailer I have ever seen. Mehrzeller, an Austrian company, has designed and implemented a multicellular caravan to introduce a new generation of mobile living. What do you think about this uber modern design?


  1. I actually like the very clean and angular design, but it looks like it would have lots of air resistance while towing. I have also grown to appreciate softer seating surfaces as I’ve grown older and become more of a realist about whats comfortable to sit in/on for more than short periods. I love my curvy, soft “gaucho. And while it may be a little creaky it’s plenty comfortable to spend an evening on. Also, really, who wants to take an all white interior into the woods?? We are pretty tidy folk but don’t think I could keep it looking pristine without spending waaay more time cleaning than I care to.

    Fun concept, but wouldn’t work for us. Maybe the Austrians are just fierce housekeepers??


  2. I agree with you, Sue! It’s unique but, I couldn’t travel in it. I need lots of windows and the smooth lines of the Airstream is right up my alley. I do love to search for “out of the box” designs, however. But, practicality is a necessity. Cheers! Anna

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