Stainless Steel or Titanium? Reply

I try my best to always recycle and repurpose everything I can. Even though I rarely use a straw at home, I frequently use straws while dining out at restaurants. And, I couldn’t help but think how swanky these re-usable straws would be in an Airstream kitchen. It’s time to rebel against the plastic straw!!

So, the question is ~ Stainless Steel or Titanium? $12/4 pack versus $18 each?

Stainless Steel Straws from The Mulled Mind

1) Kids can’t chew on them

2) Reusable and Eco friendly

3) Dishwasher safe

4) They are not plastic

5) Comes with a drawstring bag, pipe cleaner and cleaning instructions

6) Comes in various sizes and diameter (for those Martini worshipers vs. ice tea lovers)

7) Best of all, hand-made in the USA by the Mulled Mind an Etsy shop

Cost: $12 for 4 pack with a lifetime guaranteed


Titanium Straws from Think Geek

1) Made of food grade titanium

2) Tasteless and odorless

3) Will not corrode

4) Non-allergenic

5) Dishwasher safe

Cost: $18 per straw

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