Cure for Altitude Sickness Reply

I currently live at 5280 feet (one mile) above sea level. I used to reside at 7890 feet above sea level while living in Aspen. I witnessed time and time again my clients who would fly into town and want to party~hard. Not a good idea. I am one of the lucky ones~I  never suffered from altitude sickness. If you have ever experienced altitude sickness including headache, dizziness and nausea, it’s not a pretty sight. So, if you are traveling to Colorado or any other destination with high altitude, these tips will help you acclimate to the altitude. Drinks lots of water, avoid alcoholic beverages (at least for the first day or two) and six hours before ascending into a higher altitude, take 600 mg of ibuprofen and then at six-hour intervals. Dexamethasone and acetazolamide are the two most often prescribed medications for altitude sickness but, both have side effects that can make them tough for some to take. So, take your Advil and travel safely!

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