Dub-Box Camper 1

I know, I know ~ it’s not an Airstream. But, I do appreciate good design and complete cuteness. I think this little camper is so darling and practical. I just had to share. For $22,000 you will get this Retro, handmade camper with double bed, fridge, gas burner stove top, stainless steel sink, aluminum blinds, CD/MP3 player, dock for your iPod/iPhone, your choice of upholstery, two tone paint job and so much more.

Can I say Glamper?

To see the interior and various other photos, click here

One comment

  1. Anna,
    Don’t know if you ever knew…..I owned a ’69 VW Camper back in the late 80’s, early 90’s. Quite fun, although very expensive to fix! It was white and was such fun to just hang out in…even in the driveway! File this under….who knew???
    xo Tory

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