WiFi In Motion, Wireless Freedom! 1

One of the most important components to my being able to live the ‘Streaming lifestyle, is to stay connected. And by connected, I mean to the Internet!!! I can work from anywhere. Hence, when I purchase my Airstream, I will take my work with me on the open road. I can’t pull this off without reliable Internet service. I have been reading review after review and blogs galore to find the best solution. Hands down WiFi In Motion seems to fit the bill. It’s a bit pricey at $849.99 for the “Lite Kit for RVs”. They also have units for: Wireless Marine Kit, iBooster for the iPhone and a HomeBoost System. But, the price is PRICELESS if you can stay connected to the world (and clients!!). I will be purchasing the Lite Kit for RVs when I purchase my Airstream, for sure!

Next Exit: Wireless Freedom!

“The open road just became more open. WiFi In Motion delivers an Internet access solution that will make the hours between RV parks more enjoyable and productive. The WiFi In Motion anywhere Internet access kit converts your RV into a “hotspot” floating down the highway. Now you can browse the Internet and check email at high speeds, all while enjoying the freedom of mobility. You will no longer have to wait to find free, unsecured WiFi, or purchase expensive satellite systems that offer slow speeds.” ~ WiFi In Motion

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