“The Check List” ~ A Must Have Reply

Below is one of the most important “to do” lists to carry with you at all times in your Airstream.  This list is a go to for each time you are getting ready to move your trailer. A “what to do” for both inside and outside of your Airstream. Following this list will assist you in not having those costly “mishaps” that many before us have experienced. I am thankful for this list because I would, for sure, have missed a step or two.

List for Trailer and Car
Check List Inside
1. Turn electric refrigerator off
2. Light gas refrigerator
3. Put pin in refrigerator
4. Secure bathroom door
5. Make sure water pump switch if turned to off
6. Put TV and radio in safe place
7. Shut all windows and vents
8. Put grate clips on stove
9. Set thermostat on furnace to LOW
10. Put covers in sink
11. Close all curtains
12. Check water level at gauge, fill if necessary
13. Empty and flush holding tank
14. Lock door and set dead bolt

Check List Outside
15. Release water hose, electric cable and secure
16. Roll up and secure awning
17. Fold and secure lawn chairs
18. Remove jacks from under trailer
19. Hook trailer to car and connect wiring
20. Hook brake wire under deck lid
21. Lower front window guard
22. Hook rear view mirrors to car mirrors
23. Lower Radio aerial
24. Check clearance, brake, tail and back-up lights
25. Raise step at door and secure
26. Check tire pressure on all tires
27. After moving out 50 ft check area for goods
Add to the inside checklist, “Turn 12-Volt Shut-Off On”
Note: Your 12-Volt Shut-Off must be “on” when you travel in order to provide electricity to the Break-Away switch for the trailer brakes.

Addition: From Paul O. (thank you, Paul!)
When we travel, it’s wise to put ice in containers to keep the fridge & freezer cool, because it’s smarter to turn off the propane !! Having propane on & rolling down the road could turn an accident into an explosion

Addition: From Blue Prince
Don’t forget (especially when boondocking) to disconnect the plug from the AS to the Tow Vehicle. It will run the battery down in your Vehicle and you will be hunting for a jump start when you leave.

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