IKEA ~ Perfect Fit for Airstream Reply

I took Hubs on his first adventure to IKEA last Saturday. He had never experienced the “machine” that IKEA is. We stumbled upon some great ideas for our Airstream. Well, I know, I know~we don’t own an Airstream “YET”. But, it was still fun to imagine and dream. We did purchase this useful trivet for our home kitchen in hopes that one day it will adorn our Airstream kitchen as well.

IKEA Lamplig Trivet, stainless steel, $6.99


IKEA has so many inexpensive and uber creative ideas for keeping your kitchen neat and tidy. We didn’t purchase this but, thought it might be very handy in an Airstream (an it folds up!!).

IKEA Grundtal Dish Drainer, stainless steel, $24.95


Since this item was being discontinued and it’s the perfect size for an Airstream kitchen (plus, it goes with the dish drainer) we were able to snag two of these, very handy and cheap “Rails”.

IKEA Grundtal Rail, stainless steel, 20 7/8″, $6.99


Thought this cutlery caddy could be a very cute planter for the inside an Airstream. Or use it for cutlery and other kitchen utensils. It would hook on the Grundtal “rail” mentioned above.

IKEA Grundtal Cutlery Caddy, stainless steel,  $5.99


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